A New Standard for Sleep Breathing Health

RESONEA was founded to develop a new standard for understanding sleep breathing health and its impact on the human condition.

Our mission is to develop medical-quality sleep diagnostic tools that are directly accessible to consumers, in order to accelerate the diagnosis and treatment of often hidden sleep disorders.

Why Sleep Apnea Can Wreck Your Day … And Life

Sleep as a vital sign

Restful sleep is vital to your health. Recent studies in neuroscience have concluded that the single most important factor in maintaining a healthy brain and body, especially as we grow older, is getting enough restful sleep. For most people, 7 hours per night is required to receive the restorative benefits of sleep.

Not getting enough restful sleep has dangerous health consequences, threatening the way our brain, heart, and immune system naturally work. Scientists now understand that the long term effects of insufficient sleep can cause numerous diseases, as well as mental illnesses.

How do we know if our sleep health is poor? One way is to monitor and pay attention to our sleep breathing – not just snoring, but particularly gaps in breathing, where we stop breathing for 10 seconds or more at a time.

Measuring our sleep breathing can tell us a lot about how restful our sleep is, and how alert or productive we may expect to be the next day.

Regular monitoring of sleep breathing patterns can tell if sleep breathing is stable, getting better or getting worse.

  • We created the DROWZLE mobile software system to provide an easy way to record and analyze sleep breathing patterns, so you know when you need to talk to your doctor or take steps to improve your sleep breathing health.

    As you sleep, DROWZLE records your sleep breathing patterns and sends your sound files to our secure servers in the cloud.

    DROWZLE analyzes and interprets the sleep results along with the profile you provide, to measure and track your sleep-related health risks over time. Each morning, you receive the results from the prior night’s sleep.

    DROWZLE can provide tips & resources to help you understand your sleep health risks and to help you have more restful nights and more alert days.