Are Fitness Trackers Fit to Track Your Fitness? Part 2: Heart Rate Tracking

Welcome to the second part of this series examining: are fitness trackers fit to track your fitness?  In this three-part series, we are examining the scientific data on the accuracy of such trackers for the three most popular uses: activity/step count tracking, heart rate tracking, and sleep tracking. In our first part, we examined activity/step count tracking noting that research … Read More

Are Fitness Trackers Fit to Track Your Fitness? – Part I: Activity/Step Counts

Fitness trackers have taken the world by storm, led by the popularity of FitBit and the Apple Watch. There are, literally, hundreds of fitness trackers available worldwide from all sorts of companies, from hard-core fitness/sport companies to digital technology companies to companies focused on narrow health areas, such as pediatric obesity. FitBit was one of the first to market the … Read More

We Need More Sleep. So Why Don’t We Get It?

Americans are terrible sleepers. Although overwhelming evidence suggests that getting less than 7 hours of sleep is bad for your health, we just can’t seem to find the time. Americans sleep 2 hours less than they did a century ago.  The reasons are many: increased work hours, faster-paced lifestyles, the stimulation of “always on” devices (smartphones and tablets), and a … Read More